CIC Member Interview #2 SpoLive Aims to Bring Athletes, Sports Teams and Their Fans Closer Together with their Interactive Sports Game Streaming App We asked SpoLive Interactive, the startup attracting the attention of the Sports Tech industry, about their experience of working out of CIC Tokyo

At CIC Tokyo, we’ve been interviewing our tenants for short stories to highlight their innovative work. 

For this article, we sat down with SpoLive’s co-founders, Mr. Kohei Iwata and Mr.Yusuke Hara. SpoLive Interactive, which develops a live sports game streaming app, has been selected for the INNOVATION LEAGUE ACCELERATION and moved into Tokyo with the program’s support. CIC Tokyo is a supporter of the program, which Sports Tech Tokyo and the Japan Sports Agency jointly operate. 

SpoLive enables audiences to enjoy its live reports of sports games and their commentary that are based on various data sources, as well as content provided directly by sports teams using the SpoLive platform. In addition, spectators can send their cheers (which can be in the form of monetary donation) to their favorite teams, players and clubs as their “supporters” and “super supporters.” In other words, the app is a brand-new type of “sports spectators’ platform” born out of the needs of today’s society. With 2021 destined to become a big year for the sports industry, SpoLive will likely gain even more public attention.

Q: Please tell us about the projects that you’ve been working on.

We have been developing products with the vision to “use the power of digital technology to bring sports fans, athletes and teams closer together.” We are currently working on two different types of products – a mobile application for sports fans, and products for teams and leagues – and we recently formed a partnership with the Rugby Top League. We have recently formed a partnership with the Rugby Top League. We continue to test out products with the teams and leagues.

Q. What kind of society do you hope to create? 

We hope to make it possible for sports fans to enjoy watching games from wherever in the world they may be. Amid this ongoing new coronavirus pandemic, I think many people are unable to go to the stadiums to watch games. We envision these people being able to watch games, send their cheers to teams and players, and also receive responses from players, all with easy taps on the app. That’s what we hope to make happen.

Q. How do you like working out of CIC Tokyo? 

The environment and amenities are all wonderful. The whole place, including the dining areas, is open and spaciousness. It’s easy to work here because meeting rooms are always available, for example, and it also has telephone booths.

We also feel that by getting together as a team here, we can inspire each other and be on the same wavelength more easily than when meeting online. For this reason, we schedule when to come to CIC Tokyo. This place also makes it easier to build trusting relationships with people when meeting them for the first time. In fact, when we meet people at an event held here, we are able to carry our conversations with them much further than we normally would. 

Interviewer’s Afterthoughts:

During the interview, Mr. Iwata and Mr. Hara each shared their vision with passion. They daily toss around innovation ideas in the nook-like seating areas along the hallways, in the café, and various other places at CIC. We believe their creative discussions will lead to even more innovations that will inspire the sports world.