JETRO Partners with CIC to Select 10 Successful Japanese Bio/Healthcare Startups for Global Expansion CIC is partnering with JETRO to host the Startup City Acceleration Program in Boston.

The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) has announced the 10 Japanese bio/healthcare startups selected to participate in its Startup City Acceleration Program. These startups focus on health and biotech in verticals such as digital health, medical devices, healthcare services, life sciences, and pharmaceuticals.

With extensive knowledge of the US medical and biotech landscape, the Japan Desk at the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) is hosting this program to support and encourage investment opportunities for Japanese startups as they expand their business into the North American markets.

“We are pleased to offer this program with CIC, which is well-known for its success in supporting startups,” said Hideyuki Takahashi, executive director of JETRO New York. “We look forward to seeing Japanese startups grow on a global scale through CIC’s diverse community of experts.”

“Boston and Cambridge are home to over 500 biotech companies and three of the top four NIH-funded hospitals in the US,” said Tim Rowe, founder and CEO of CIC. “We’re excited to support this program, which will enable these Japanese startups to build lasting connections and meaningful partnerships with key stakeholders in the Boston area.”

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The 10 selected startups are:

aceRNA Technologies  

Research and development of “RNA switch” technology that can provide smart gene therapy (mRNA-based and virus-based) with cell-type and -state specific expression control.


atDose is developing a mobile-type dosing and infusion device that can dispense ultra-small doses at precise target points. The lightweight portable intravenous device is used to support the treatment of diseases such as brain tumors, retinal disease, and breast cancer.


Developing a smartphone AI application to assist physicians and laboratory technicians in estimating the species of bacterial infections and select appropriate antimicrobial agents.

Celaid Therapeutics 

Developing cell therapy products using cord blood derived hematopoietic stem cells to provide alternative therapy to the current bone marrow/cord blood transplantation.

iCorNet Laboratory 

Commercializing treatment with “cardiac nets,” which are mesh-like bags that prevent progressive cardiac enlargement (i.e., cardiac remodeling) and stop lethal arrhythmia with extra-low defibrillation energy.


Developing drugs targeting the SLC transporter, a protein found in cell membranes that is responsible for transporting substances into and out of cells.

MiCAN Technologies 

Producing and suppling the necessary amount of homogeneous and highly accurate “human blood cells” using regenerative medicine technology, and to improve the efficiency of infectious disease research and the efficacy and safety evaluation of pharmaceuticals and functional materials.


Provides solutions for oligonucleotide manufacturing up to ton scale with NATiAS’ Blockmer™ technology, including contract manufacturing of oligonucleotide drugs, sales of Blockmer™ intermediates, and licensing of manufacturing methods.

Restore Vision 

A startup company from Keio University School of Medicine and Nagoya Institute of Technology, developing a visual restoration gene therapy using AAV (adeno-associated virus) vectors with the unique function gene “Chimeric Rhodopsin” to treat blindness.

SONIRE Therapeutics 

Developing a non-invasive US-guided HIFU therapy system using technology and know-how generated by Tokyo Women’s Medical University, Tohoku University and Tokyo Medical University for cancer treatment. It is expected to be a new therapeutic modality for intractable cancer like pancreatic cancer.


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