CIC Tokyoへのご入館方法

CIC Tokyoには以下の方法でお越しください。
Follow the steps below to get to CIC Tokyo

ビジネスタワー1階のスターバックスの横にCIC Tokyo専用受付がありますので、入館番号をお伝え下さい。

Present your registration number to the CIC Tokyo reception located on the 1F, next to Starbucks.



If your visit time is before or after 9:00 and 17:00 respectively on weekdays, the whole day on weekends or holiday, please present your registration number to the Mori Building reception located on the 1F, across from the large waterfall. Then back to the CIC reception and proceed to the next step.



Please use the rightmost security gate to enter the building with your QR code.


Scan your QR code on the glass scanner at the gate on the right and head to the designated elevator.

エレベーターで15階にお越しいただき、CIC Tokyoの受付までお越しください。

Head up to the 15F and make your way to CIC Tokyo’s Welcome Station.