Innovation Community CIC provides a dynamic community, which fulfills the ever-changing needs of entrepreneurs and innovators.
Our Communities
CIC builds dynamic, diverse, global innovation communities to support entrepreneurs in changing the world. Our community is built of brilliant individuals from various background and geographic origins: entrepreneurs, investors, government groups, local organizations, venture-supporting professionals, students, researchers, and more. In addition, CIC Tokyo works closely with Venture Café Tokyo to establish an inclusive environment to reach more people.
CIC Community
One of the most appealing things about CIC is that our mission lies at the very essence of innovation communities. We organize and promote a wide range of events, including events related to business, technology, and wellness. Our clients have access to hundreds of resources to stimulate constructive conversations, meaningful connections, and successful collaborations.
Venture Café Tokyo
Our sister organization, Venture Café Tokyo(VCT), shares a like-minded mission: “connecting innovators to make things happen.” VCT holds a weekly event, called the “Thursday Gathering” (scheduled to be held at CIC Tokyo from the end of September), which are open to anyone interested. This year, VCT expanded to regions outside of Tokyo, including Tsukuba and Nagoya. VCT makes up the largest innovation community in Japan with a cumulative total of more than 15,000 expected participants annually. Venture Café Tokyo Website
Innovation Hubs
CIC is working to develop an innovation center that meets industry-specific needs. Our US locations have built hubs for fields like life science (LabCentral), robotics (MassRobotics), aging society (AGENCY). Likewise, CIC Japan will create an environment that aligns with booming industries of the future.
Venture Capital Firms By working closely with diverse venture capital firms and giving our clients access to broad networks, CIC fosters an environment of open communication and growth.
Supporting Partners We work with inspiring partners in areas ranging from law offices, patent attorney offices, and marketing companies to tax accountant offices vital to launching, developing, or expanding businesses effectively.
Public Partners Partnerships with the public sector are crucial to cultivating innovation to change and fix the world for the better. CIC has strong affiliations with not only the government, but also local authorities and can therefore, provide startups with collaboration opportunities.
Mentors Both CIC Tokyo and Venture Café Tokyo facilitate mentorship of all kinds for startups. They include, but are not limited to legal affairs, fund procurement, finance, business planning, and intellectual property rights.